Techniques For Handling Athletic Injuries

Injuries commonly occur in sports, particularly in contact sports such as football and soccer. These athletic injuries can result from blunt trauma accidents, overuse of certain parts or areas of the body, poor exercising or training techniques, inadequate warming up prior to exercising or due to improper protective gear. There are several techniques for handling athletic injuries effectively. However, one must be able to recognize the difference between a harmless niggling pain and a serious injury that requires immediate medical attention.twfwrvgergef23t223223r3

Effective techniques of handling sports injuries:

Techniques for handling athletic injuries

1. RICE therapy: RICE therapy is applied to soft tissue injuries- sprains and strains that are quite common among athletes. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. For any injury, rest is the best possible medicine. Resting the affected part helps in preventing stress and repetitive overuse of part. Application of ice helps in reducing the size of blood vessels, thus decreasing the amount of bleeding and swelling. Compressing the part with a tight bandage helps in reducing the swelling. Elevate the affected part to avoid accumulation of fluid in the injured area and to facilitate the drain of excess fluid from the area.

2. Physical therapy: Ask your doctor for a physical therapy referral. A rehab program is advised to people who are unable to resume their sports activities or normal activities following an athletic injury or following surgery. Physical therapy plays a pivotal role in quick recovery. It focusses on building characteristics such as balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, and stability- all of which will reduce the risks of getting future injuries.

3. Anti-inflammatory drugs: At times, the pain of the injury cannot be resolved only with RICE therapy. In that case, your doctor can prescribe you anti-inflammatory drugs that will reduce the inflammation as well as pain of the affected part.

Massage therapy

sdjvf3fwe4tt34t43t34Sports massage is one of the effective techniques for handling athletic injuries. Deep tissue massage accelerates the healing process by promoting better nutrient and oxygen flow to the injured area. It also reduces bruising and swelling.

Chiropractic therapy

Chiropractic is a form of alternate therapy that includes adjustment of misaligned parts and joints in the body. This helps in reducing stress on the spinal nerve, which in turn treats pain and promotes wellness throughout the body. There is a wide range of conventional and contemporary chiropractic techniques that are used by experienced chiropractors to provide relief from pain.