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Paradises at the North of the State

Mulege’s extraordinary natural beauty-unrivaled on the entire peninsula-has helped make it a favorite region for ecotourists from around the world. Conception Bay is veritable jewel, with crystal-clear water that varies in color from emerald to turquoise, making it a magnet for people who practice water sports. The San Franciso Sierra, Vízcaino Biosphere Reserve and lagoons of San Ignacio, Ojo de Liebre and Guerrero Negro-sanctuaries for gray whales- are natural treasures that the friendly towns of Mulegé, Santa Rosalía, San Ignacio and Guerrero Negro safeguard along with their missions and other architectural attractions.

Mulege is the largest of the five municipalities that make up the state, Mulegé borders on the municipalities of Comondú and Loreto to the south, and the state of Baja California to the north. A giant steel eagle located on the 28th parallel marks the state’s territorial limit.

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