Proper care practices for your vaginal health


The body is made up of sensitive parts that need utmost care. These parts are delicate because of how they are vulnerable to illnesses that may be of great harm to the body if they are not handled with proper care. Women go through a lot in their life cycle when it comes to matters health. A vaginal health problem is one milestone most women face in their quest to observe healthy living. This may lower the self-esteem of many who shy off and keep the issue to themselves. Most of them are bold to visit a gynecologist for advice and treatment. Some of the common vaginal problems include odor, itchiness, yeast infections and drying up.


A problem like the yeast infection is caused by particular pathogens which lead to the itchiness of one’s vagina. One can also experience pain and can feel some foul odor emanating from their reproductive organs. Drying up of the vagina may be brought about by particular practices like smoking or surgeries. The state of menopause may also bring about dryness. Such occurrences may affect one’s sexual life. They can even tamper with your reproductive health if not taken care of fast. There are a number of things you can do to maintain good vaginal health. Here are some of them.


Right choice underpants

You should put on panties that will not expose your genitals to harmful bacteria. The material of your under pant is also essential for your vaginal health. Materials like cotton help absorb moisture, therefore, keeping you dry. Other fabrics keep moisture which provides a safe haven for bacteria to multiply. Tight leggings will bring about sweating creating a moist environment around your genitals so you should watch out for the type of pants you put on. Pick the ones right for your health.



One should bath at least twice a day. The use of warm water to clean your vagina is essential. Use wet wipes on your vulva to ensure you have done away with all bacteria. One should consult from their trusted gynecologist on the right disinfectant soaps for this cleaning process. Clean your underpants regularly and leave them to dry completely. Wiping your genitals after peeing is also crucial because it will keep it dry and free from any sort of moisture.


Regular check-ups

Do not be shy to visit your gynecologist on a regular basis to know the status of your vaginal health. You should visit them as soon as possible if you detect anything strange with your organ. This will help prevent a lot of problems that may be brought about by it. Those planning to make a first-time visit should seek recommendations from their friends. Regular check-ups will help boost your confidence levels.

What are the common vaginal problems that women face?


The vagina is probably the most delicate part of a woman’s body. And because of this, it is inevitable that ladies run into some issues with their lady part. Some of the problems are harmless while some may seem simple but they can actually lead to more serious health problems.

Therefore, as a woman, it is crucial that you know the common vaginal problems that women face at some point in their life. In this article, we are going to talk about the biggest problems that a lot of women are experiencing with their intimate areas and how to address such issues.

The most common vaginal problems


fgsafasasasasIt is true that the body has several healthy bacteria. However, when they are outnumbered by unhealthy bacteria, infections will arise. This is quite common in a vagina. The reason for this is the external factors that affect the natural and balanced condition of the lady part. If you are experiencing itching, swelling, or burning sensation in this part of your body, then this implies that you have an infection down there. You will also start to notice a foul odor and discharge.

One of the common vaginal problems that women face is a yeast infection. This can be treated with medication as well as herbal treatments that help the vagina to bounce back to its balanced state.


Another issue that you may have down there is looseness. In fact, a huge number of women are seeking information on how to address this issue. As a girl age and give birth, the muscles and walls of a pussy tend to lose their flexibility and firmness, causing it to become slack. The good thing is, there are several methods of how to get tighter again. You can either seek the help of a surgeon and undergo vaginoplasty. Or you can also utilize natural treatments.



Dryness is commonly experienced by ladies who are sexually active. This is true as well among aging women. Having sexual intercourse without proper or adequate lubrication can be painful. Therefore, it is important that you use safe lubricant when having sex. You can check out the various creams and gel that can help you get rid of the dryness.


Aside from dryness, ladies may also experience irritation on their lady parts. A lot of products on the market nowadays contain harsh chemicals. So, you have to make sure that you only use products that have mild ingredients.

How To Protect Your Feet From Blisters

We get a lot of advice from fitness experts on how to tone our body and legs but what about prevention of small ailments like blisters? Blisters are painful and may lead to an unusual walking style. They result from our everyday activities, what we wear, how we walk, and our physical activities too. And the truth is, working on one part of the body is a tricky proposition, so it is a good idea to focus on overall health, wellness, and fitness. No part of our body should be neglected. That is why this article focuses on how to prevent foot blisters.

How to protect your feet from blisters

The number one cause of blisters is friction and stress. And by stress I mean the pressure we get from trying on the wrong shoe size or kind, from extreme activity such as intense athletics and even damp socks. Having determined the cause of blisters, it is possible to counter their emergence. It is all about reducing friction and ensuring we are comfortable in our shoes. Here are some of the steps to take

Choose comfortable footwear

weiof3ftwueg34wevg34t4rWhether it is a casual, official or sporting shoe, the right shoe should be properly fitting, that is, neither too tight nor too loose.

  • Before buying shoes put them on and walk around in them to determine their level of comfort
  • For a good fitting shoe, always use the half-inch of space technique, that is, the space between your longest toe and the shoe tip should be half an inch
  • Always opt for a rounded or square toe box i.e. Where your toes fit

Additionally, it is advisable to shop for shoes in the afternoon as your feet would have expanded to the largest possible size it can.

Use powders and creams to prevent friction

Foot powders, foot glides and creams like Vaseline are important in minimizing resistance and creating a friction free surface.

Pick the right socks

Get good socks and wear two of them when necessary, especially those made of synthetic material. As they guarantee more support and aeration, less moisture and friction. Note that;

    • Even though cotton socks help prevent smelly feet by absorbing moisture, they become damp and increase resistance
    • Cotton made of synthetic materials are the best as they dry faster and allow for more aeration
Shun footwear that is likely to cause blisters

Some shoes cause us to walk abnormally thereby exerting pressure on particular areas of the feet. Other insoles make us uncomfortable, therefore

  • Replace worn out insoles, opt for those made of memory foam or gel-filled pads
  • Avoid shoes with narrow toebox. Especially some high heeled shoes

The other important steps include:
  1. Application of moleskin patches and lubrication especially of the parts that are susceptible to blisters. This reduces resistance as the skin layers rub against each other.
  2. Change shoes on a regular basis. Alternating between different pairs rather than wearing one shoe for days ensures your feet rubs on a smooth new surface

The bottom line, prevention of blisters is a nice step in maintaining healthy feet and therefore a stylish walk.

Superb Health Benefits of Protein Shakes

They come in all forms and flavors. From vanilla to chocolate to strawberry, protein shakes can either be bought in ready-to-drink cans or powdered form. These food supplements have taken the fitness world by storm because of their many uses. From bodybuilders who seek to build muscle to those who simply want to shed the excess pounds, protein shakes have become the drink of choice because of their high-protein, low-fat content.httt66ef34f4f43f3434

Benefits of protein shakes:

Provides Nourishment to Athletes

Protein shakes give athletes much-needed nourishment following a rigorous workout routine. By restoring glycogen in the muscles, these drinks help athletes recover faster by aiding in muscle repair and growth.

Facilitate Weight Loss

dfg34tg4w43gw34g43They facilitate weight loss by satiating an individual and suppressing appetite. They reduce cravings for high-calorie, high sugar snacks that destroy any attempts to kick off the fat. Replacing a meal with this drink still gives you an adequate supply of protein minus most of the calories. Thus, they can be used in between meals to replace snacks or taken in place of no more than one full meal a day.

Strengthening immune systems.

Studies have shown that individuals who ingest vitamin-rich shakes have fewer infections and have constitutions that are better equipped to defend itself from illnesses.

Reduce Estrogen and Help Diabetics.

Soy-based shakes are said to reduce estrogen in postmenopausal women that, in turn, also reduces their breast cancer risk. The also help diabetics. Replacing breakfast with protein shakes aid in stabilizing blood sugar levels and reducing insulin spikes.

Protein shakes help bodybuilders bulk up

Shakes designed for individuals who wish to increase their size and gain more muscle provide the right amounts of proteins and carbohydrates to suit this purpose. They also provide the protein necessary to heal and develop muscles.

Protein shakes help those with preexisting medical conditions like cancer. Because chemotherapy severely compromises the immune system, whey protein shakes are an easy source of healthy protein that strengthens the cancer patient and protects him or her from the risk of secondary infections.
The above mentioned are tremendous benefits of protein shakes. However, their consumption must also be accompanied with a word of caution: These drinks are not meant to take the place of natural foods. They must be integrated into a healthy diet regimen to achieve its full benefits. Moreover, because studies on the long-term effects of a high-protein diet are not yet fully known, it is suggested that they are taken in moderation or as directed by a health professional.