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Welcome to Baja California SUR

General Introduction

Before you begin to explore the pages of this guide, prepare yourself, get comfortable, sharpen your senses and get ready for an incredible journey that will carry you through a land filled with extraordinarily vibrant nature. A journey through Baja California Sur will stimulate your senses and evoke overpowering emotions that will, you can be certain, push your imagination to the limits.

Regarded as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world, the state of Baja California Sur has been designed exclusively to offer tourists un-heard of adventure, comfort and relaxation, and everlasting fun. Created through divine extravagance with the pristine blue waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, this land boasts spectacular cities, endearing towns, deserts and mountains.  All of these important elements work together to create a beautiful concert of natural beauty to satisfy even the most seasoned of travelers.

The peninsula boasts a first-class tourist infrastructure which seems to incorporate new surprises every day. This beautiful refuge has attracted a long list of special guests wishing to take part in the most extraordinary and marvelous plan that mother nature has ever created: the harmonious cohabitation of all species.

You are welcome to explore the warmth of this fresh and joyous land, a place where dreams come true, a land which beckons you to return year after year. Welcome to Baja California Sur!


Current Events



One of the most popular activities in Baja California Sur is sport fishing. Thanks to the beautiful climate and large variety of natural settings that the state has to offer, the alternatives for taking part in this adventurous activity are immense



Municipalities of Baja Sur
La Paz Comondu Loreto Los Cobos